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Mountain girl on the prairie

I was born and raised in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, in a little town called Gypsum. In 2009 I married my amazing husband and relocated to the open plains of southeast Wyoming. Together we live on the family ranch with our one year old son and too many animals to count. We raise black Angus cattle, AQHA quarter horses, and Ragdoll cats.

Although I have grown to love the rugged western spirit and unique beauty of Wyoming, Colorado will always be my first home. My love of photography began there at a very young age. I still visit often to fulfill my craving for mountain scenery and those incredibly blue skies that are only found in the high country.

Landscapes and Wildlife are my main passion, but I dabble in western/lifestyle on occasion. I love small adventures and often take my son with me when I go out in search of my next favorite shot. Photography is my strongest form of self-expression and has become more of an identity than a hobby over the years.

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